WNAC Image Photography Show 2019
      Best in Show - Professional Division

         "Kinetic Light Show in Denver"

       WNAC - President's Show - FIRE
     Honorable Mention - "The Shooter"
      Nebraska Tourism - 2018 Calendar 
I have some exciting news for you regarding the 2018 Nebraska Tourism Calendar. Once again, one of your pictures was one that was selected. We are pleased to tell you that your photo of the bluff in Banner County will be featured on the January page of the calendar! You will be listed in the calendar as the contributing photographer.

Featured in the Scottsbluff Star Herald

Nov 8, 2017

Kimball photographer's images win honors

KIMBALL — Even if you don’t know Kimberly Sharples, you might know her photography.
Five of her prints are on display at Main Street Market in Kimball. She’s had photos in the Nebraska Tourism Commission’s calendar each of the past two years. Four of her photos — more than any other photographer in the state — are in “Bridges: Sharing Our Past to Enrich the Future,” the Nebraska Sesquicentennial photo exhibit that’s been traveling the state, and in the Omaha World-Herald’s book, “Nebraska: 150 Years Told Through 93 Counties.”
Her award-winning images have hung in airports in Denver and Colorado Springs, the Colorado State Capitol, state and county fairs, libraries, galleries, art shows, coffee shops, cafes and other venues.
Sharples grew up in Gretna. She caught the photography bug as editor of her high school yearbook.
“I was always interested in it. The more I learned, the more I tried to improve,” she said. “I lived in Colorado for more than 20 years and that’s where I learned the most.”
She was active in clubs and attended workshops and classes in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Denver to improve her knowledge of cameras and photo editing.
About four years ago, she moved to Kimball, where her son lives.
“I moved here to be closer to the grandkids,” she said.
Sometimes she teaches photo classes.
“I like helping kids,” she said. “I like to pay it forward, because people helped me.”
She also creates jewelry and sells her art and antiques in shops in Colorado Springs, Kansas and Potter, where she has a space in the “A Collective Gathering” art cooperative.
“I do a lot of volunteer stuff,” she said. “And with the grandkids here, I’m babysitting a lot.”
She does some portraits, graduation pictures and other photography.
“I’m still nervous every time I do a wedding,” she said. “I prefer nature. Landscapes are what I like to do the most, architecture, too. I don’t have a studio, so everything I do is outdoors.
She enjoys shooting at nearby Oliver Reservoir, documenting the change of seasons, because the lake is only a few miles from Kimball.
“A lot of times I’ll take off in the car and just go down the country roads, looking for old buildings, barns, houses that are falling apart,” she added.
Her wanderings resulted in the photos she submitted for the “Bridges” exhibit. Sponsors of the exhibit, part of the state’s yearlong celebration of its sesquicentennial, challenged photographers to capture “images of historical sites or hidden treasures located throughout Nebraska.” All of the submitted photos can be seen in a virtual exhibit on the Hildegard Center for the Arts website.
Works from 61 photographers were chosen from among more than 800 submissions, narrowed to 93 winning images — one for each Nebraska county. Her Banner County image depicts a field of sunflowers. Her Cheyenne County entry is the door of a blacksmith shop. Her Deuel County winner is an image of the Phelps Hotel in Big Springs. Oliver Reservoir produced her Kimball County winner.
Sharples appreciated the opportunity to reveal the wonders of Nebraska to others.
What she doesn’t like is posing for a photo of herself.
“I hate having my picture taken,” she said. “I like to do it for everybody else.”

You don’t need a fancy camera to shoot good photos

You don’t need expensive equipment to take good photographs, says award-winning photographer Kimberly Sharples of Kimball. She shoots with Nikon cameras. You can take quality photos with the cellphone in your purse or pocket. All it takes, she says, is a little practice.
“The cellphone cameras keep getting better and better, and you can take awesome pictures with them,” she said. “I tell everybody to shoot with what you have. As you get going, you can get something better down the road. My granddaughter was won awards with point-and-shoots.
“Learn your phone. It’s about practicing and trying different things,” she said. “It’s not the camera; it’s the person behind it.”
The keys to a good photo are preparation, anticipation and composition.
Preparation means knowing how your camera works and the types of control, such as adding flash, it offers. Blurry photos are often a result of not holding the camera still or trying to shoot a moving subject in low light. Bracing your elbows against your body and holding the phone with both hands can help. Adding flash can help stop a moving subject.
“Use flash if you have to,” she said. “Try both ways.”
Anticipation involves looking for the best lighting conditions. Shooting in mid-day, when shadows are harsh, or against a brightly lit background will result in uneven exposures.
“Go out in the morning and evening. Look for the best time of day and the best light,” she said. “Know where you need to be and go at the right time. If you want those beautiful morning shots, you have to get out from under the covers.”
Photography is simply recording what you see around you, so it helps you become a better observer.
“If you go out and it’s foggy, take advantage of that,” she said. “It might not be what you were hoping for, but look for dew on the leaves and things like that.”
Composition is how you frame your subject. There’s a reason why selfies are the most popular type of cell-phone photo: control. What you leave out of a photo is as important as what you leave in. Beginners can improve most photos just by getting closer.
“Shoot from different angles,” Sharples said. “Pay attention to backgrounds. Look all the way around the frame so you don’t get stuff in there that doesn’t belong. Telephone poles coming out of somebody’s head drive me crazy.”
Look for more than one way to take advantage of a scene. A sunset with birds or people in becomes more interesting, she said. Use foliage or a doorway to frame a subject.
Owners of fancier equipment can follow the same advice. With practice, they can control their exposures with shutter speed and aperture, which is the size of the opening that light passes through.
Controls can be confusing at first. A smaller aperture number, such as f4, actually means more light is passing through the lens than with an aperture setting of of f8 or f11. A shutter speed of 500 admits less light than a speed of 30.
Faster shutter speeds, such as 1000, stop the action. A larger aperture, such as f2, offers less depth of field, meaning the slice of sharply focused space is narrow; a smaller aperture, such as f16, puts more of the background in focus. Again, learning how the camera works will give the photographer more creative control.
“If you like a photo of a flower and you want the background blurry, you use the right f-stop,” she said. “Taking it off ‘auto’ and getting to full manual, you learn a lot. Always check your settings before you start shooting.”
A lot in digital photography takes place after the photo is taken, with programs such as Photoshop that allow the photographer to lighten, darken or adjust the color in an image. Similar apps are available for cellphones.
“I like the artistic effect you can get from doing the photos,” she said. “You should do what you like. Photography is art.”
Sharples’ final tip has nothing to do with cameras, but will be appreciated by Panhandle property owners.
“Always respect the ‘no trespassing’ signs,” she said. “And stay off of railroad tracks. It’s illegal and unsafe.”

Cheyenne Camera Club 2017 Awards

    2017 Runner Up Photographer of the Year

1st Place: "East Dallas Creek Road"

2nd Place: "Proud as"

3rd Place: "Ranch Scape"

3rd Place: "Oil and Water"

HM: "Crystal Ball"

HM: "Rising Reflection"

Nebraska Tourism - 2017 Calendar 

Congrats on your (Banner County) photo selection in the Hildegard Center for the Arts photo call, we’re so excited to see the exhibit coming together for 2017. I just wanted to let you know that part of this project is also a 2017 calendar produced by the Nebraska Tourism Commission. 
Excitingly, your photo was one of the 14 favorites selected to be part of the calendar.

Cheyenne Camera Club 2016 Awards

2016 Photographer of the Year

1st Place - Scenic - "Autumn Serenity"

1st Place - Flora - "Water Flower"

2nd Place - People - "Windy"

HM - People - "Eye Catching"

HM - Scenic - "Walking by the Wires"

HM - Flora - "Tulip Oil Painting"

Bridges Sesquicentennial

Photo Exhibit

Hildegard Center for the Arts

Four Photos Selected

Dear Kimberly,

Congratulations on your hard work and talent.  We are excited to inform you that of the over 800 photos submitted, representing all 93 counties, your photographs ~ Sunflower Fields (Banner) ~ Blacksmith Shop (Cheyenne) ~ Phelps Hotel (Deuel) ~ Oliver Reservoir (Kimball) ~ have been selected for Hildegard Center for the Arts “Bridges” traveling exhibit during the 2017 Sesquicentennial year.  

Soon, the winners and correlating counties will be proudly announced with a press release and listed on our Hildegard website

The 6 venue sites and dates for the traveling exhibit are:

·       The Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln: January 6 - March 25, 2017

·       The Seward Civic Center: June 1 - July 28, 2017

·       The North Platte Prairie Arts Center: August 1 - September 22, 2017

·       The Norfolk Art Center: September 7 - October 26, 2017

·       The Alliance Carnegie Arts Center: September 26 - November 10, 2017

·       The Durham Museum in Omaha: November 14, 2017 - January 7, 2018

Please tell your family and friends to mark their calendars!

We appreciate your continuing participation and support for our projects at Hildegard Center for the Arts.


Hildegard Center:

Friends and Neighbors: Kim Sharples

Courtesy Photo

Kim Sharples, an award-winning photographer, is one more example of the great people in Kimball. She remains active with her family, business and volunteer activities - using her affinity for photography and her skills to help others learn.

                                                             Kim Sharples came to Kimball after her son moved his family here. With three grandchildren and a fourth on the way, Sharples stays active with her growing family, as well as her business, Earth Blessings Photography, and she has been a much-sought-after local volunteer since her arrival.

"I have done a lot of volunteer work here," she said. "I've done stuff with the 4-H group and I was president of the KimballBusiness Boosters for a year. I love to volunteer and help others."

She has served on boards for the Kimball Area Foundation, among others, and was the president of the local Shutterbugs Photography Club. Additionally, she and her husband coach soccer and little league for their grandchildren's' teams.

Sharples, a member of the Cheyenne Camera Club and the Cheyenne Artist Guild, is perhaps best known locally for her photography. She submits many photos to the Western Nebraska Observer and she has prints that can be purchased in Cheyenne and Colorado Springs studios.

She is proudest of the photos she has taken that are currently on display at Main Street Market, though she was nervous when she was told how large those prints would be.

"That was pretty awesome to see that I have five pictures hanging up there," she said. "They are huge. When they said how big they were going to make them I was nervous! I have never seen one of my pictures blown up that big."

Though she has recently cut back serving on local boards, Sharples continues to volunteer her time focused more closely on her favorite personal pursuit – photography. But she is careful to leave enough time for her business and home life as well.

"I was in a lot of photography groups in Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo and those people taught me and I still have a lot to learn, but I will share what I know. When I did the 4-H group it was a lot of fun to watch the children go and do it," she said. "I have been doing the Kimball Farmer's Day Baby Photo Contest. This is my third year doing that. I get people to email in the pictures and I line up three independent judges that aren't from here and don't know anyone."

She often volunteers her time to help others with their own photography and she has taught photography workshops for area 4-H students that include making a photograph fit each individual artistic vision – making it your own.

"Ultimately, you want to do what you like, what makes you happy," she said. "I always try to do an artistic effect and make my picture different from others."

Sharples occasionally competes in photography contests, such as the recent "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" contest, as well as competitions through the Cheyenne Camera Club and many in Nebraska.

She was recently informed that four of her photographs were selected to be showcased in the "Bridges: Sharing our Past to Enrich the Future" Sesquicentennial Photo Exhibit.

The exhibit, officially endorsed by the Nebraska Governor's Sesquicentennial Committee (The Nebraska 150 Commission), is sponsored by the Hildegard Center for the Arts, the Nebraska Tourism Commission and the Nebraska State Historical Society.

The exhibition will serve to connect Nebraskan's with their culture, highlighting historic places and "often over-looked historical treasures in all 93 counties of the state."

One photo submission was selected for each Nebraska county, and Sharples' work was chosen for Kimball, Banner, Cheyenne and Deuel counties.

These works will be featured in a traveling exhibit in 2017, to coincide with the 150th anniversary celebration and may be used in tourism guides and calendars as well.

Though she cannot give a sneak peek of those photos, and in fact can't even describe them, per contest rules, she is excited for her work to be seen and, most importantly, enjoyed by others.

Being awarded for doing well that which you love is great.

"Although winning awards is awesome, when somebody pays money for a piece of my work that means something – that they were willing to spend money and hang it in their home," she said.

Kim's work, whether it is photography, jewelry or any other artistic pursuit she fancies, can be seen at A Collective Gathering in Potter and in a similar space she shares with her daughter in Colorado Springs.


Cheyenne Artists Guild

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Show

FIRST PLACE - June 2016

"Tail Wind"

Cheyenne Artists Guild

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Show

THIRD PLACE - June 2016

"Flying Spirit"


"Anything Goes" Show

"Honorable Mention"












CHEYENNE ARTISTS GUILD Planes, Trains & Automobiles Show - Aug 2015


                                 FIRST PLACE 

"Royal Resting Place" 




"Bald Eagle"




"Tie Dye"  

I also received HONORABLE MENTION for an Art piece  "Ethereal Cosmos"





We at Panhandle Coop are excited to inform you that one or more of your photos were chosen a winner for the “Visions of Our Community” photography contest! Your art will be posted at the Kimball and Torrington Main Street Market at the size of 10”x15” and 48”x72”. You can expect these to be posted by mid-October. In addition, your photo of firefighters (shooting to the right) was selected as the overall winner for the Professional Category. We believe the firefighters represents our area so well, congratulations! 


Thank you for submitting your work!


Cheyenne Artists Guild Southwest Art Show Summer 2014


"Don't Chute Me"

Kimball Library "Divine Nature" Show Spring 2014

FIRST PLACE Judges Choice

SECOND PLACE Viewers Choice

"Dallas Creek Road near Ridgway CO"  

Cheyenne Artists Guild "Anything Goes" Show May 2014




Pueblo Art Guild Eclectic Show July 2013


"Tie Dye"

Pueblo Art Guild Eclectic Show July 2013



Steel City Art Works Photography Show 2013


"Freedom Fighter"

Pueblo Art Guild Spring Art Show 2013

FIRST Place Professional Photography Category


Pueblo Art Guild Spring Art Show 2013

Honorable Mention Professional Photography Category

"Mystical Tree & Saint Malo "

                                                                                   "Mystical Tree"              "Saint Malo"


2nd Quarter - One of Five Photographs Selected for 2nd Quarter 2013

"Chairs at the Abbey"

5th & MAIN ART SHOW 2013

Best Photography - March 2013

"Chairs at the Abbey"


SECOND Place Professional Portrait

"Freedom Fighter"


HONORABLE MENTION Professional Portrait

"Gabriel" and "Rapunzel"



"Chairs at the Abbey"


FIRST Place - Professional Division

"Arizona Cactus"


FIRST Place and CHAMPION - Professional Division

"Chairs at the Abbey"


FIRST Place - Professional Division



Honorable Mention

"Bush & Gerts"




Honorable Mention






2nd Place - Professional Division

"Chairs at the Abbey"

9 Artwork pieces accepted for the ART ALOUD EXHIBITION

April 2012

"Tradewinds" is at HOOKED ON BOOKS in Colorado Springs

"Words of Shakepeare" is at MODBO in Colorado Springs

"Indian Maiden", "Be My Friend", "Art is a Form of Prayer", and "Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul" are at ACADEMY FRAME COMPANY in Colorado Springs

"Blossoming Soul", Flowers are God's Way of Smiling", and "What Lies Within" are at THE BUSINESS OF ART CENTER in Manitou Springs

You can click on each picture below to enlarge the photograph


Kimberly Sharples - Finalist in KRDO's Shoot the Moon Photo Contest

February 2012

Kimberly Sharples - Pueblo Art Guild Fall Photography Show - Nov 2011
2nd Place for "Don't Chute Me"
Honorable Mention for "Tiffany"
Honorable Mention for "Scratching Post"

"Don't Chute Me"

  "Tiffany"                                                                                                   "Scratching Post"

3rd place in the Colorado Balloon Classic Contest October 2011

Awards Reception 11-16-11

Honorable Mention for "Indian Maiden" 

at the Pueblo Art Guild 2011 Southwestern Art Show

Honorable Mention for "Mystique" and "Sacred Vessel"

at the Pueblo Art Guild 2011 Spring Show





 Selected for the Colorado Springs Airport Art Exhibit
January 1  through March 31,  2011



Photographs on display at the Colorado Springs Airport:







Juror's Choice
at the Colorado State Fair 2010 for the photograph "Sacred Vessel"


Kimberly Sharples - "Sacred Vessel"


 Photograph accepted by DIA and Colorado Council on the Arts (CCA)
for the CREATIVE CAPITOL - Eastern Colorado Exhibition
 on Display at DIA (February through July 2010)
and at the Denver Capitol (July through October 2010)




 April Featured Artist - Pikes Peak Library District, Colorado Springs - April 2010

 Nature Photography Exhibit at East Library, Colorado Springs - March 2010

 Nature Photography Exhibit at Sand Creek Library, Colorado Springs - April 2010


3rd place Colorado Springs Photographers Perspective Contest - March 2010


3rd place in the Colorado Balloon Classic Contest - October 2009



 3 photographs accepted for PPLD Carnegie Garden Art Exhibit - September 2009



3rd place received - December 2008 - Pets



 3rd place received - December 2008 - Misc


All photographs on this website are copyrighted by Kimberly Sharples

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